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Release of Trekker version 1.2 soon !

Just in the process of doing the final testing on the next version of Trekker (version 1.2). Note: Release should be some time in the next week.

This new version of Trekker will now have support for viewing many images types including the most common images like bitmap, png, and jpeg, as well as multipage tiff and gif files. The printing capabilty has also been extended to include image files. The file panel now also includes the ability to launch pdf and images files externally using their current file associations; and external file operations like copy, move, rename and delete become easier by right mouse click access to the current directory.

Importantly Trekker 1.2 also brings the ability to convert images files to pdf files and to include the converted image files into the pdf Join List. The conversion process allows the user to easily set the page margins for the image to be fit on the page, and will initially support a range of the most common pdf page sizes.

Trekker 1.2 will also have a completely portable installer version, as well as the windows uninstaller version. The portable version is essentially the same application, as Trekker was already portable, however by removing the windows installer and start directory, people who want to use it as a portable pdf viewer and arranger only can avoid having the additional (and what becomes redundant for portable use) components installed. For those who are not using it as a portable application, the windows uninstaller version gives them the windows features they are used to in a windows unistaller and a start menu folder.