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Launch of Trekker

Today's documents are designed by many different applications. When compiling PDF digital reports a number of different software's may be used to construct the end result. Giving someone a document in a series of pieces is not very neat. This is where Trekker can help out, launched today, it allows you to easily split and join PDF pages and files to create a finished product.

Trekker will also allow you to view and print PDF files. The file explorer like sidebar in Trekker allows you to quickly navigate through your existing PDF files. Its Page Mode sidebar allows you to look though the PDF pages, as well as select pages for extraction. The extracted pages can be easily rotated as required. They can be extracted to a new file, or to a temporary file that is then added to the join list, to allow it to be joined with other PDF files. Switching to Join Mode allows you to add further whole files to the PDF join list. Finally Trekker also currently allows you to extract the text from the page/s of PDF file.

Trekker is freeware for all Windows computers from XP upwards. Many further features are planned, so please join the forum to ask for additional features or to provide feedback on the software.  You can view more about Trekker here.