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No optional applications attached!

The software does not come with any optional applications or promotions. If you receive such information during what indicates it is a application installation (e.g Trekker or Cite), then what you have downloaded is a wrapper installation. A wrapper installation is usually a program used to execute one or more other installation programs, and it has become common for many download sites to wrapper other peoples freeware in an attempt to make money by adding other optional applications, promotions, advertising, etc. We can't deny that we live in a commercial world, so these things will happen.

Most of these wrapper installations are probably harmless enough, particularly if you decline the optional application or offers, etc. However be warned, software is adware and malware free in its original form, but this may no longer be the case if you use a wrapper type installation. If you wish to be sure the setup file you have downloaded is a copy of the original, you should use Cite, downloaded either from this website or from a website listed in the Cite project page. You can then check any downloaded version of software against its SHA 1 Hash and confirm it is an original setup file and not a wrapper one.

If you wish to make sure that you do not download a wrapper setup application, then download the application from this website, or from any of the alternative download websites listed on our Project page for that software, we do download and test them initially to make sure they match the original hash. If you have any problems with any of the downloads either from this site, or from the linked external websites, please tell us so we can check the link.