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Freeware software website is a freeware software website has been started for our own software. Just launched are two applications;

Trekker (version 1.1)
This application is one that allows you to view and re-arrange PDF files from its own file explorer like sidebar. It currently will allow you to view, print, split, join and extract text from PDF files. Trekker is a Windows application, that is designed for Windows, all versions from Windows XP to Windows 8.

In the longer term picture many more features are expected to be added to this software. The current direction for Trekker is defined by our own uses for it, however, we would be happy to look at other features based upon any feature requests. If such feature requests are within the current scope of the software project, then there would be a fair chance that they would be added.

Cite (version 1.1)
This is a small stand alone application that can be used to check a downloaded file, against the software vendors hash code. This ensures that you have received an uncorrupted download, regardless of where you have downloaded it from. Simply download Cite to where ever you want on your computer. Start it by opening the file in window's explorer. When Cite load it will display its own hash in SHA-1 format. You can check that it is valid by copy and pasting the SHA-1 hash provided for Cite on this websites download page. After pasting click the "Check" button, and the status will turn green if it is validated.

In order for it to work on others download, the software vendor must have provided a hash code in either MD5, SHA-1, or SHA-2(256bit) format. It ignores spaces and letter case, so you can paste the hash as the vendor has provided it. Then select the "Browse" button and select the downloaded file. Make sure the hash "Type" is set to the same as that specified by the software vendor! Then click the "Check" button to validate the downloaded file.