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About is a software project website. All software projects are currently freeware (please read the licences with each application for further details). The original software has been certified to be free of adware, viruses and other malware (See reviews for the specific software). To be sure the version of software you have downloaded is a genuine copy of the original software or that the download itself is not faulty, you should use the SHA-1 hash provided on this website for each application to validate it. You can do this via GratSoft's own Cite application, or by using another hash checker type software.

The GratSoft website also provides a basic support platform for the software. The best way to get support is by joining the forum. The sign up procedure is simple and your email address will not be available to any other users. Forum users also have some limited access to other website features, with the number of features increasing over time for longer term members.

Projects Wiki+

Wiki+ is a system that allows staff and users to post content into a database of posts. This system is similar to that of a forum, however rather than having a structure of forums and user created topics, it has a staff-managed hierarchical structure of pages. Staff and advanced members will be able to make posts and suggest topics to be added as appropriate. The staff together with community members will determine how the Wiki+ system is employed on this website.


You can use Comcode to spice up your posts.