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Trekker (Version 1.1)

Note: A newer version of this software is now available at a different location on this website.
Please view the
main downloads page to locate it.

Trekker version 1.1 for Windows All (from XP upwards)
Filename: TrekkerSetup.exe
File Size: 5 mb (approx)
Description: Trekker is a freeware software application that lets you view and manipulate pdf files via a file explorer like side panel.
Trekker Features;
    A file explorer like panel
    Viewing of PDF files
    Printing of PDF files to the Windows default printer
    Splitting and Joining of PDF files
    Text extraction from PDF pages
Copyright © 2016
You can use the hash below to validate your downloaded setup file;
SHA-1 (40 character 160bit) hash:  F31682AA72ABE960855C44F27E79B9AF7A474476
(Note: If you don't have a hash validator on your computer, you can download GratSoft's one called Cite.)