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Release Notes

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Change List for Trekker Version 1.2
New Features;
Added - view image functions for image types bmp, png, jpg, gif, wmf, tif, emf, and tga
Added - support for multi-image files for gif files and most tiff files (note: some tiff compression types are not supported)
Added - convert image functions including a convert image dialog box and support for direct save to file and add to join list
Added - save settings for convert image dialog, so that settings are saved between sessions
Added - printer support for images
Added - filter to file sidebar to allow selection of different filetypes (pdf and/or images) - & file filter preference is saved on exit for next session.
Added - support for page notification during printer process, closing dialog now stops the printing process at the last page processed
Added - double click to open the windows default application for files
Added - right click menu to sidebar to open (windows defaults) and view directory (windows directory) functions
Added - "Zoom if Small" menu feature to apply to Zoom Width, Height and Fit functions
Removed - delete keyboard function from File List, in favour of delete file externally via view directory function
Fixed - bounds checking for print dialog - Margin and Ppi spin gadgets
Fixed - message dialog now automatically scrolls down during progressive messages
Fixed - Some changes to saveas dialog file masks
Fixed - dimensioning function to give correct aspect ratio for printing
Fixed - rotation display fault on some images rotated 180 deg (rotation procedures all replaced)
Included internal About and Licence dialogs
Updated help file
Create a portable Trekker install version using Free Extractor Wizard