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Cite - A freeware hash checker.

You may have noticed that many software vendors supply a Hash code that you can use to check against the downloaded file. This is to ensure that the downloaded file was received in a valid state and is complete. It also help to guard against tampering of the file by malicious code and viruses. Cite is a small freeware application that lets you check if a downloaded file matches the software vendors Hash (or fingerprint). It currently supports MD5, SHA-1 and SHA-2(256bit). Cite should work on most Windows systems from XP and above, and has been tested to work on Windows XP, Windows 7 and Window 8.

Cite does not need any installation. Place it on you computer where you want, then run it using explorer. When you start cite it first selects itself. Make sure the hash type is set to the vendors hash type. For Cite paste in the SHA-1 hash from this website, and click on the "Check" button. The status display will turn "green" if the file is valid. Cite can be downloaded from the GratSoft,com download page.
You can view the Cite screenshots here

You can also download Cite from one of the websites listed below;
Cite has been reviewed as four star on Softpedia
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Cite version 1.1 released:
Features include;
  • currently handles MD5(32character 128bit), SHA-1(40character 160bit) and SHA-2(64character 256 bit)  hashes
  • no setup - stand alone executable that can be placed on any drive
  • Status turns green when file is validated