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Trekker - A PDF viewer and splitter and joiner

Trekker is a freeware software application that lets you view and manipulate pdf files via a file explorer like side panel. Trekker is designed to be light on system resources and should work on most computers that use Windows from XP or above. This makes PDF Trekker handy for use as a PDF viewer and arranger for older computers, as well as for new ones. Hopefully most of what Trekker does is easy to understand, however it comes with a built in help file that will continue to be updated based on user feedback.

From Trekker version 1.2 you can now use Trekker to view and print a range of image files, as well as to convert image files to PDF. Image file support includes
bmp, png, jpg, gif, wmf, tif, emf, and tga. Support also includes multi-image files for gif image files and most tiff image files (please note: some proprietory tiff compression types are not supported).

Trekker now also has a portable version. The installer for this version was created using FreeExtractor and is essentially a self extracting achive (zip file). The portable version contains no windows uninstaller and does not create a windows start folder for the Trekker application. The portable installer does create a shortcut to the Trekker application in the folder to which you installed it, but this can be deleted should it not be required.

Many new features are expected to be added to Trekker as development continues. Please view the forum to see what is planned or to ask for additional features. Trekker requirements are a Windows computer using XP or above. It has currently been tested on Windows XP, Windows 7 and Windows 8. Trekker can be downloaded from the GratSoft,com download page.

You can view the Trekker screenshots here.

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Child pages:

Trekker version 1.1 released:
Features include;
  • sidebar file explorer like interface
  • viewing of PDF files by page
  • printing of PDF pages via default printer
  • re-assembly of PDF files including splitting and joining pdfs
  • text extraction from PDF page/s
  • zoom PDF by percent,width,height or page
Trekker version 1.2 released:
Features include;
  • A file explorer like panel
  • Viewing of PDF files
  • Viewing of Image files
  • Printing of PDF and Image files to the Windows default printer
  • Splitting and Joining of PDF files
  • Conversion and inclusion of Image files to PDF files
  • Text extraction from PDF pages
New features from previous version include the new ability to view and print images, as well as the ability to convert images to PDF file format.