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Software Websites

An alphabetical list of websites that list software for download. The list includes some websites that have freeware only, as well as those that have free and free-to-try applications.
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Filecluster A significant collection of freeware files for Windows, MacOS, Linux and Mobile. They have a nice layout of categories and sub-categories in an easy to understand and navigate website. A large collection of freeware files.They do not accept adware, shareware, demo, trialware, crippleware, etc. Their freeware categories are well defined and contain sub-categories to help locate the software you are looking for easily. All in all a very useful resource for locating freeware applications.
FreewareHome A significant collection of freeware files for the Windows OS. The collection is well indexed by category and sub-category. Don't miss checking this site out when looking for freeware.
Major Geeks A large collection of freeware and shareware software. They scan the listed software with multiple virus scanners and are fussy about the software that is listed on the website. The software is usefully categorised and sub-categorised making the location of software straight forward.
SoftPaz A very large collection of software, games, themes and wallpapers for Windows, Their website allows you to select from a large range of software categories, and from free and paid types of software.
Softpedia A large collection of software not only for Windows but also software for Android, Linux, Mac and iOS. The site includes free and free to try software. A feature of Softpedia is their thorough testing of the listed software for malware.