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Information about installation


Trekker is designed to be light on system resources and so should work on all computers with a Windows operating systems from XP and upwards. The installer and application has been tested on Windows XP, Windows 7 and Windows 8. It would be appreciated that if you try it on Windows Vista or Window 10, that you let me know if the installer and application work OK, at least in theory, it should work on these OS's also.

Trekker comes supplied as an install application. When you start the TrekkerSetup executable you most likely will receive the Windows message that the software maker is "unknown", (well of course windows duh), so click on OK, and the setup application will start for real. By default the Trekker setup will prompt to load it on your C drive in the directory "C:\apps\trekker". The Trekker application is actually a portable application, so you can install it on any writeable drive if you like. Because it uses its own temporary file directory, it is recommended that you install it on the faster drives (e.g Harddrives) rather than slower media drives.

The advantage in supplying it as an installer is that it also creates an uninstall feature and shortcuts for the application. If you want to use Trekker on removeable media, and that media will be assigned different drive letters from time to time, then you will usually need to start the application through the main executable (trekker.exe) via windows explorer, etc, after installing it.
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