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Post is now up and running, but the website still needs a lot of work.
You will find free software here and a related forum and community website. Hopefully this is the best way to go, but time will tell.
To start with, two applications have been added, these are;
  • Trekker - an application to view, print, split, join and extract text from PDF files. It has a file explorer type sidebar to quickly move between files.
  • Cite - this small application is use to validate downloaded files by using the hash provided by the software vendor - currently supports MD5, SHA-1 and SHA-2
For more information, feedback and feature requests, please view and preferably join the site forum.
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Trekker version 1.2 is released. This version now includes the ability to view and print a range of image files including multipage files like tiff and gif. It also allows images to be converted or joined into to PDF files.

From version 1.2 a portable version release is also available. This portable setup version dows not include a window uninstaller or start folder. It does however include a desktop icon, that can be deleted if not required.
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