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Freeware software projects

Current software projects;
Trekker - This freeware application allows you to view, print, split, and join PDF files via a file explorer like side panel.
Cite - This freeware stand alone application can be used to check a downloaded file against the software vendors hash code.
The applications are suitable for any computer running Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10.
If you have any questions about these applications you can ask by logging into the forum, or you can use the feedback page .

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Converting images to pdf in Trekker

Category: Kevin's blog

Images are used much like pdf files in Trekker. To view an image in Trekker you must first change the File Filter to include the image type you wish to view or convert. Each image file will be shown as one page in the Page List, and in the case of multi-image files like tiff and gif files, each page will be another image in the multi-image file. You can select which image (or images in the case of multi-image files) will be processed by ticking the box for that…

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No optional applications attached!

Category: Kevin's blog

The software does not come with any optional applications or promotions. If you receive such information during what indicates it is a application installation (e.g Trekker or Cite), then what you have downloaded is a wrapper installation. A wrapper installation is usually a program used to execute one or more other installation programs, and it has become common for many download sites to wrapper other peoples freeware in an attempt to make money by adding other optional applications, promotions, advertising, etc.

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Trekker Portable

Category: Trekker

Trekker now comes in a portable install version. The installer is a self extracting achive (zip file) created using FreeExtractor. The portable version contains no windows uninstaller and does not create a windows start folder for the Trekker application. The portable installer does create a shortcut to the Trekker application in the folder to which you installed it, but this can be deleted should it not be…

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